Use your student loan for the right purpose

Use your student loan for the right purpose

Many university and college students apply for loans from the government to help with tuition fees and other expenses. You can take this short quiz to see how much you know about student loans.

Understanding government assistance schemes

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You should be proud to be able to continue your studies when there is so much competition for university or college places. As you enter this new stage in your life, you may be faced with many new expenses. The government’s Student Finance Office (SFO) has a number of ways to help you with any financial problems.

Grant: A grant is money given that you do not need to repay. A grant is to cover tuition fees, academic expenses and student union fees. You can ask your college or university for the maximum amount of grant for the current academic year. Whether a grant would be awarded depends on how much money your family earns.

Loan: A loan has to be paid back, with interest and other fees also payable. There are different loan schemes. Read More